Our Priorities

Our Priorities

In order to fulfill this purpose , we emphasize the four priorities of the early church that are expressed in Acts 2:42 , which says: " They devoted themselves to... "

To teachings of the apostles

a). In all our services we spend time and systematic expository teaching of the Bible. We believe that the entire Bible is the Word of God, inspired and exercises authority in the believer. So we study inductively, book by book, chapter by chapter , verse by verse.

To communion

b). We have a variety of ministries for the brothers of the congregation can interact, can meet and build friendships that are essential for our spiritual growth.

To breaking of bread

c). The Lord emphasized to his disciples the need to always remember His sacrifice for them. So he issued what is now known as the sacrament. This is an ordinance that we observe together as a congregation, once a month and to which we invite anyone who has accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior to participate with us.

To pray

d). Just as prayer was an essential component in the life of our Lord , it is also in our church. We spend time every week , to get together as a congregation to seek the face of God through prayer and we have several prayer vigils throughout the year.